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Web Design for Electricians

You might be asking Does an electrician need a website?

There are many opinions on this, but according to an article on the www.electriciantalk.com website, Electrical contracting is a highly competitive industry, so you need to take advantage of every tool in your arsenal to market your business. One of these tools needs to be an online presence.

Electric lighting
Electric lighting
Electric lighting
Electric lighting

Thankfully you have many options...

Fixed Price Website Packages for Electricians

Our Websites for Electricians packages cater for electricians or small electrical businesses who need to get online with a professional website which loads quickly, works on all screen sizes, and is effective in search engine results.

Sounds expensive, right?

You can choose between our fixed price web design packages, which are perfect for electricians and start from as little as £245, or you can go for a more flexible bespoke web design option to suit your budget and your needs.

The fixed price electrician's website packages include an impressive list of features and benefits, with the comfort of knowing in advance what you'll be getting for a relatively small investment.

Bespoke Websites for Electricians

If you need a more flexible customisable solution, our bespoke website design package for electricians could suit your needs.

You decide on the style, number of pages and features and we’ll come up with a competitive price. To give you an idea of how affordable a bespoke website site can be, try out the website price calculator on our main website, where you can select your requirements and get cost estimate.

Feel free to contact us to discuss what you need, and we will help you all the way.

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Do I really need a website if I'm on Facebook?

Facebook alone won't help you to stand out from your competition.

Websites and social media have their own strengths and can complement each other. If you specialise in specific electrical services, your website could list them in ways which Facebook is not designed for.

Your website will allow you to have specific pages dedicated to each service, and those pages could show a portfolio of work in these areas. They can also be used to provide evidence of any specific qualifications you have, and answers to frequently asked questions.

If you still have doubts, this article on having a website and a Facebook page may be worth spending a few minutes reading.

Can I build my own website?

Sure. A lot of people build their own websites, just like many people attempt their own electrical work. Sometimes it will work out okay, but sometimes they'll need to call on the experts when it goes wrong, or when the project goes beyond their capabilities and they end up in a mess!

So a DIY website is certainly an option for you, but you would probably agree that as an electrician the value your clients get from the work you do outweighs the time, cost and effort it would take for them to become competent enough to do their own electrical work. And of course you'd do the job right.

The same thing applies here, and is a point covered in the article previously mentioned on www.electriciantalk.com

We cover all bases of creating your electrical website

Our job is to provide the expertise and do all the heavy lifting in our field so you can focus on doing the same for your clients. And we'll be here each step of the way to discuss plans and progress, asking for your thoughts on certain aspects of your new website, and to answer any questions you might have.

That's one area where we can add value, but the actual website is just part of the plan...

Getting found in search engine results

Being found is crucial, especially for electrician's websites, because there is a LOT of competition out there.

So your SEO efforts are really important, and those efforts should start right at the beginning with the structure and content of your new website. Many web designers leave SEO until the end after the website has gone live, and that can result in poor search engine results, or a lot of content and code editing.

One of the main objectives would be that if you specialise in domestic or commercial electrical work, or your main business is in the installation of EV charging points, providing PAT testing, EICR services or installing garden lighting, we want to make sure that your website gets listed in search results for anyone searching for your specific services in the areas that you cover.

More information and advice on SEO for electricians is covered separately, and may be useful if you already have a website but feel that it is not performing as well as you expect.

SEO for Electricians

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