Testing RCDs

Testing RCDs

Steps for testing RCDs

RCD Test Buttons
Consumer Unit Main Switch - Leave ON
Depress RCD Test Button
Testing RCDs using the RCD test button
  1. You will only need to access the test button as shown above, so there is no need to remove the front cover of the consumer unit.
  2. The power should be ON and the flip paddle should be UP (in the ON position). If the power is not on, the test button on the RCD will not work.
  3. Simply press the test button on the front of the RCD (see photo)
  4. If the flip paddle goes down to the OFF position, the test has been a success. You can then simply push the paddle back to the UP position, where it should remain for normal use.
  5. If the flip paddle does not go down to the OFF position, the test has failed.

    First of all re-check that the power to the consumer unit is on, but if the RCD test button still does not cause the paddle to flip, this could indicate that the device is faulty and may need replacing.

    The circuits will still work, but if the RCD will not trip under fault conditions, this could be dangerous. The recommendation is to have this replaced ASAP, so please call your electrician.
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Testing RCDs
Testing RCDs