Electrical Certification

Electrical Certification

Do You Need Electrical Certification?

Even small changes to existing circuits such as the replacement or addition of a socket or lighting point are likely to require a Minor Works Certificate to be completed.

The wiring regulations state that such certification is mandatory, and for this reason we will carry this out certification as part of the service at no additional cost. This will leave you with a record of the changes, and peace of mind that that it has been correctly tested.

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Electrical Testing

Even if you decide not to use us, be sure to ask your electrician, kitchen or bathroom installer to provide a Minor Works Certificate if any changes (even small ones) to existing circuits are made.

If you want more information, you can check out page 3 of this Minor Works Certificate document which is published by the The IET.

Is electrical testing really necessary?

Absolutely, and you should ensure that your electrician carries out the prescribed sequence of tests each time you have a new installation or a modification to one of your existing circuits.

Some of the main reasons why testing is so important are set out on this page on electrical testing.

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Electrical Certification
Electrical Certification